What We Do

As a trusted real estate investment advisor, we are known for delivering results, strong corporate governance, management of clients’ assets, and a commitment to sustainability and outstanding customer service. The breadth of our expertise is reflected in the full complement of investment, development and real estate management services we offer.

We earn and maintain the trust of our clients by understanding their investment objectives and helping them to reach their goals by leveraging the power of our collective real estate knowledge. Our diverse teams located in core markets work together to understand and meet our clients’ objectives.

Portfolio Management

Provides advisory services to our clients and is accountable for the overall performance of their assets.

Asset Management

Develops and executes business and capital plans for our clients’ assets. Our business and capital plans include a broad range of initiatives to protect and grow the value of our clients’ investments. In addition to upgrading tenant amenities and common spaces, our asset management team considers capital investments to upgrade building systems and enhance energy and water efficiency, as a means of reducing utility costs and adding value to the asset.

Property Management

Through our commercial service brand OneServe and our multi-residential brand Vertica Resident Services, we provide property management that enhances value for our tenants and residents. 


We help our clients to achieve their return and diversification objectives by developing properties to add to their portfolios. The opportunity for operational efficiencies and sustainability considerations that benefit clients, tenants and residents are at the forefront of our approach to developments.


Works closely with portfolio management to understand and then execute our clients’ investment objectives. Our Investment Policy guides our approach to the acquisition and disposition of our clients’ real estate assets. This includes acquiring assets and executing a disciplined  approach to disposing of non-core assets.


Secures and enhances our clients’ investments by building strong relationships with new and existing tenants and the brokerage community. By developing proactive leasing strategies, we ensure that the buildings under our management are optimally leased taking into account the current market environment and each asset’s specific business plan.