People, Diversity, and Development

We invest in our people, develop their skills and build the capabilities of leaders to provide an inclusive, accessible environment where every employee has the opportunity to reach their potential.

Commitments and Oversight

We have a strong commitment to investing in our talent, developing the skills of our employees and ensuring we provide a work place where people feel supported, healthy, and empowered to succeed. Our people strategy is overseen by the human resources team, which we have aligned to five drivers of employee engagement: career opportunity, performance management, employer reputation, resources and work processes. The progress on our strategy is reported to our senior leaders on a monthly basis.


To ensure we are an employer of choice we have established a number of programs to attract diverse talent, develop and reward our people and ensure their well-being.

Attracting Diverse Talent

We are dedicated to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of the communities in which we live, and to creating an environment where every employee has the opportunity to reach their potential.

In addition to offering competitive compensation package, we also have established co-operative relationships with a number of educational institutions that keep our talent pipeline rich, including a multi-year program with Seneca College (Toronto, Ontario) that is helping support the next generation of building operators. Through the program, we offer a bursary to a deserving second-year student enrolled in the Building Engineering System program. We also have a co-op placement program to provide students with hands-on experience at our offices.

Training and Development

We are committed to supporting the professional career development goals of our employees. We do this by offering leadership development programs, providing on-the-job stretch opportunities and in-house training programs. 

We take a proactive approach to identifying the professional development needs of our talent, supporting programs such as the Building Operator Certification Program offered through the Canadian Institute for Energy Training (CIET). This program allows our building operators to enhance their knowledge of different building systems, preparing them to identify and implement energy-saving opportunities.

Furthermore, our continuing education fund provides an allowance per year of $2,000 per employee that can be used for external training and other education.

Rewards and Recognition

Our Above & Beyond Awards program rewards the efforts of our employees who go above the call of duty and who demonstrate behaviours that are aligned with our values. At the end of each quarter, we recognize one winner from each of the five regions (British Columbia, Alberta, Winnipeg, Ontario and Eastern Canada). 

Health and Well-Being

We promote employee well-being through comprehensive and flexible benefits, training and awareness, a wellness account and employee access to our Employee Family Assistance Program (EFAP). We have a broad range of health and wellness programs made available to our employees, including mental health awareness and support and information for employees and their families facing personal challenges through EFAP. Furthermore, the wellness account can be used by our employees to purchase fitness equipment or subsidize a hobby that promotes a healthier lifestyle. For more information on our health and well-being programs click here


As part of our corporate performance review, we conduct periodic employee engagement surveys to get a fresh perspective on our leadership, whether we are meeting our goals to be an employer of choice and how engaged employees feel within the organization. The results of the engagement surveys are communicated to our employees and analyzed with our various business units across the country, and action plans are put in place to inform our continuous improvement efforts.