Tenant Services

By understanding our tenants’ changing needs, we are able to enhance our customer service, promote tenant safety, support tenant health and wellness, and preserve asset integrity.

An important priority remains ensuring tenant safety, satisfaction and comfort. Increasingly, this includes promoting the health and wellness of occupants through the monitoring and maintenance of indoor air quality, the support of green cleaning practices, and the addition of amenities such as bicycle racks, green spaces, and access to natural light.

Tenant Satisfaction

Our commitment to providing tenants with the highest standard of service is founded on proactive management, open communication and personalized service.


We anticipate potential problems and work to prevent them from occurring.


We communicate with honesty and transparency in all interactions with tenants.

Personalized Service

We get to know our tenants and engage with them one-on-one, not just through email or login to 

On an ongoing basis, following the completion of a service request, we conduct a random survey that allows tenants to rate the overall quality of our response and resolution times, and the attitude and courtesy of our staff.

We recognize the exceptional customer service efforts of our employees through formal and informal recognition programs.

Safety and Security

Our occupational health and safety policies, procedures, and programs are the foundation of our safety management system, and provide the tools to support our goal of zero injury. Read our commitment to business integrity.

As a founding member of the Commercial Real Estate Financial District Security Group (CRE-FDSG) and a member of the Security Risk Management Advisory Council (a BOMA established council), we collaborate with the industry to assess today’s security challenges to help us better protect our tenants and the properties under our management.

Incident and emergency plans, developed to address emergency response and business recovery, are based on the Canadian Incident Management System’s “all-hazards” approach. This lays the groundwork for us to consistently respond to varying situations from a single building specific emergency to a multi-property incident.