Energy Efficiency

Improving the energy efficiency of our buildings is an integral part of how we operate high-quality assets that are less costly to manage. 

Commitments and Oversight

Through the direction of our Corporate Sustainability Team, we are committed to supporting innovative energy reduction programs and initiatives. Our energy reduction targets from 2013-2018 have been established as part of our Sustainability Benchmarking and Conservation Program, which is an important driver of the programming undertaken to improve our energy efficiency.

These programs lead to lower building operating costs, reductions in GHG emissions, and improvements to the overall efficiency of the buildings we managed. 

The Corporate Sustainability Team regularly reports its progress to the Sustainability Steering Committee and the Executive team.


The influence of the Sustainability Benchmarking and Conservation Program, has supported the application of numerous energy efficiency programs at the property level, including energy baseline audits, lighting retrofits, and equipment upgrades.

Energy Audits

Our commercial and residential properties undergo comprehensive energy audits every five years. The energy audits are used to assess the energy performance of our buildings and identify improvement opportunities. Many of the conservation projects we implement touch all aspects of a building’s systems, including ventilation, heating, cooling, automation and control systems, building envelope and lighting.

Lighting Retrofits

We have been conducting comprehensive lighting inventory and audits of buildings in our portfolio as part of a strategic procurement initiative to source lighting equipment from a single national supplier. As part of this initiative, we continue to engage our property teams on opportunities to reduce energy use through lighting retrofits and upgrades.

Equipment Upgrades

Investments in building and equipment upgrades continue to be made,  where/when economically feasible, with an broad objective to increase the operational efficiency of our buildings, while maintaining occupant health and comfort.


We also conduct re-commissioning on some of our buildings, which is a low-cost, low-risk energy management strategy for buildings. This strategy enables us to re-optimize equipment and systems to ensure they operate as efficiently as possible, for as long as financially feasible and environmentally responsible.


The Corporate Sustainability Team reviews our energy consumption and compares our performance against industry benchmarks and best practices, regional averages and internal performance measures. The information is used to help inform property and asset management teams to continuously improve our performance. 

We provide an annual report on the energy efficiency of our managed portfolio to the Sustainability Steering Committee and Executive Committee.

For more information on our energy efficiency, please refer to our Sustainability Data Table.