Environmental Management

As stewards of our clients’ assets, we believe a strong environmental management system is fundamental to operating high-performing, resource-efficient and low-impact buildings. Doing so, grows the value of our clients’ assets, while reducing our operating costs, increasing tenant loyalty and preserving the environment.

Commitments and Oversight

We have a robust environmental management program, led by our corporate environmental team, anchored by policies and procedures that ensure we mitigate risks and proactively protect our clients’ assets from potential liabilities. 

Our Corporate Sustainability Team has the responsibility to ensure the effective implementation of our environmental sustainability policies, procedures, objectives, and programs across our business. Team members also play an active role in promoting sustainability awareness amongst our staff, clients, tenants, service providers and other stakeholders.


We ensure properties within our portfolio are effectively managing a broad range of environmental risks, including: hazardous materials, chemicals, chlorofluorocarbons, waste, indoor air quality, and mould prevention and management.  To promote awareness of our environmental management policies and procedures, all management staff throughout the organization are provided with online refresher training. 

Our commercial and multi-residential portfolio, asset, and property management teams work collaboratively to identify realistic and economically feasible projects to improve the efficiency of our buildings and to reduce their environmental impacts. 

Our Sustainability Benchmarking and Conservation Program (SBCP) – a national initiative that has established five-year (2013–2018) targets for carbon monitoring, energy efficiency, waste reduction and water management – is used to assess annual performance, support management decision-making and encourage energy, water and waste reductions at all office properties within our portfolio.


We conduct comprehensive due diligence assessments and third-party environmental compliance checks of our environmental management activities at our properties.

The environmental sustainability impacts of our properties are tracked through our customized Building Sustainability Profiles (BSPs) Database & Reporting System, which provides standardized sustainability information (carbon, energy, waste, and water) for each asset.

On an annual basis, we use the SBCP to assess our overall performance against our targets, support management decision-making and encourage energy, water and waste continuous improvement reduction programs at each of our managed office properties. 

For more quantitative information on our performance as it relates to environmental sustainability, please see our Sustainability Data Table