Green Building Certifications

We actively pursue green building standards in the design, construction and operation of our buildings under management, which we believe helps to attract high-quality tenants and ensure best-in-class operational practices.

Commitments and Oversight

Promoting green buildings is an important value driver for our clients’ assets over the long-term. We have set ourselves a target to achieve green building certifications for all eligible assets under our management, including office, industrial, multi-residential, and retail properties.  For many of our building owners and tenants, green building standards and certifications provide credibility, instill confidence, promote comparability, and help qualify and quantify the benefits of green buildings for tenants and occupants.


Our green building program is designed to ensure we target the right green building ratings, and ensure qualifying criteria are assessed and effectively managed to ensure ongoing eligibility.

Green Building Ratings and Certifications

Our managed buildings proudly participate in BOMA BEST® and LEED® green building rating and certification systems, which provide frameworks for the design, construction and operation of high performance, sustainable buildings. These green building certifications are industry designations that signal a commitment to, and achievement of, sustainable and environmentally responsible building design and/or operations.

Assessing and Managing Qualifying Criteria

We continue to assess and manage the qualifying criteria to ensure the eligibility of our buildings to the green building ratings and certification systems. Qualifying criteria include the use of sustainable materials, innovative design and construction, site locations, health and indoor air quality, sustainable and connected communities, and resource efficiency— such as water use, energy efficiency, and waste production.


The Corporate Sustainability Team reviews our green building performance.  We provide an annual report on our green building performance of our managed portfolio to the Sustainability Steering Committee and Executive Committee.

For more information on our green building performance, please refer to our Sustainability Data Table.