Water Management

By optimizing the use of water at our properties under management, we are ensuring high performing and resource efficient buildings for our clients’ assets, which in turn grows their value, increases tenant loyalty and preserves the environment.

Commitments and Oversight

Through the direction of our Corporate Sustainability Team, we are committed to implementing innovative water reduction programs and initiatives. Water reduction targets from 2013-2018 have been established as part of our Sustainability Benchmarking and Conservation Program, which is an important driver of the programs we have established to reduce water consumption.


We have established a number of water conservation programs, focusing on: tenant awareness and communications, and equipment upgrades.

Water Conservation Awareness Programs

Our property management teams are provided with information primers on the subject of water conservation on a broad range of topics. This includes, water conservation for restaurant tenants, cooling-tower maintenance and water management, and single-pass cooling systems. 

Equipment Retrofits Upgrades

We continue to implement numerous water conservation equipment upgrades at our properties under management. This includes the installation of low-flow fixtures, automatic water sensors, rainwater harvesting systems, smart irrigation technologies and cooling tower upgrades.


The Corporate Sustainability Team reviews our water performance and compares it against industry benchmarks and best practices, regional averages and internal performance measures. The information is used to help inform property and asset management teams to continuously improve our performance. 

We provide an annual report on the water performance of our managed portfolio to the Sustainability Steering Committee and Executive Committee.

For more information on our water performance, please refer to our Sustainability Data Table.