Compliance and Risk Management

Compliance and preventive risk management are an integral part of our responsible business management philosophy. 

Compliance Management

We have a strong compliance framework overseen by our Compliance Committee, informed by Great-West Life Assurance Company’s risk assessment process, and supplemented with policies and practices specific to our real estate business. 

Our Compliance Steering Committee oversees and monitors our compliance obligations on a range of topics, including OSFI requirements, accessibility standards, commercial and residential tenancies, legislation, real estate brokerage licensing, privacy, anti-money laundering, health and safety, and environmental matters, among others. Our strict policies define our expectations, including with respect to:

  • Real estate brokerage licensing - Our National Real Estate Licensing Policy guides our approach to brokerage licensing. We ensure we are licensed appropriately in each province where we carry on business and monitor the maintenance and renewal of all licenses.
  • Privacy - In accordance with our privacy policy, we have formal data security systems and continue to train our employees on data privacy controls.
  • Bribery, corruption and money-laundering - We abide by anti-corruption, anti-bribery and anti-money laundering policies, which set out specific guidelines for the detection and reporting of fraud and money laundering.
  • Conflict of Interest – In accordance with our Codes, we have strict policies to prevent conflicts of interests,where personal interests interferes with the interests of our company. We require all potential conflicts of interests to be disclosed by our employees and third parties.  
  • Environmental Sustainability - Our Corporate Environmental & Sustainability Policy includes requirements related to environmental compliance, energy, greenhouse gases, water, waste, green cleaning, indoor air quality and sustainable procurement.
  • Health & Safety – Our occupational health & safety policies, procedures and programs anchor our safety management system and reinforce our zero injury aspirations.
On a regular basis, we conduct ongoing audits using third party services to ensure our compliance.  We have programs in place to meet our various compliance obligations. Our brokerage licensing certifications and renewals are monitored in each province where we provide licensed services. Select property management practices are also assessed through third-party verification processes.

Enterprise Risk Management

Risk management is a cornerstone of our strategy and fundamental to the achievement of our mission to deliver stable, long-term returns for our clients. Our governance standards form the foundation of our ongoing risk management approach, which we execute through the oversight of our Compliance Steering Committee. 

Our Compliance Committee oversees our risk management function, identifying key risks and ensuring effective risk management capabilities are integrated into the day-to-day activities of our business. 

We take a precautionary approach to risk identification and put in place effective risk management capabilities that address financial, ethical, reputational, operational and environmental risks. Where relevant, stakeholders are consulted to inform risk identification processes, including regulators, clients, and tenants.  As part of our investment processes, we conduct comprehensive due diligence assessments that include financial, physical, governance, regulatory, market, environmental and social considerations. 

Our risk identification, assessment and performance is communicated to our executive team and to our parent company on a quarterly basis to ensure that material impacts, risks and opportunities are effectively understood, monitored and managed.