Responsible Client Investment and Management

To grow quality portfolios of assets, we believe it is essential to consider financial, environmental, social and governance factors. Doing so enables us to effectively mitigate risks, maximize asset value and optimize returns.

Our investment policy guides our approach to the acquisition and disposition of our clients’ real estate assets. As part of our process, we conduct comprehensive due diligence assessments that include financial, physical, governance, regulatory, market, environmental and social considerations.

Governance Structure

Key management decisions are made by our President, supported by an experienced Executive Committee responsible for the overall management and growth of our business. The Executive Committee is informed by a number of senior management committees including:

  • The Investment Committee is responsible for the review and approval of all major terms for any proposed acquisition, disposition, development or major capital project undertaken on behalf of our clients. 
  • The Human Resources Committee is composed of senior leaders who are responsible for overseeing human resources strategies, including compensation and talent management at GWL Realty Advisors. 
  • The Sustainability Steering Committee is a cross-functional team that has primary responsibility for supporting sustainability across our business. This includes approving the strategic approach, overseeing programs, reviewing performance and approving reporting.
  • The Compliance Steering Committee oversees our risk management function, identifying key risks and ensuring effective risk management capabilities are integrated into dayto-day business activities. We take a precautionary approach to risk identification and assessment, which includes financial, ethical, business, governance, environmental and social risk considerations. Each quarter, potential risks are identified, monitored and managed accordingly.