Stakeholder Engagement

We are committed to engaging with our stakeholders through open dialogue to understand the issues that are important to them and relevant to our business.

We engage with our stakeholders to promote trust and confidence in our business. These engagement activities enable us to better understand the interests of our stakeholders and position our company on specific issues that we believe are important to the real estate industry.

Stakeholder Groups

We identify and select our stakeholders based on those that are relevant to our business and to whom we interact with on an ongoing basis during the normal course of our business activities. Our stakeholder groups include: our parent company, clients, tenants, employees, various real estate groups, service providers, government and the communities where we operate. 

Engagement Approach

We engage directly with our stakeholders through formal and informal meetings as well as engagement surveys. We communicate directly with our stakeholders through our corporate website, discussions at conferences, participation in sectoral and cross-sectoral events, partnerships with NGOs and other industry associations, and dialogue with governments and regulators.