Defining Priority Topics

We have well established processes to ensure we focus on the right sustainability topics, taking into account our business strategy and a consideration of their importance to our stakeholders.

Sustainability Content Development Approach

In developing our sustainability content, we involve internal stakeholders representing the key functions of our organization. We consider a broad sustainability context, including a review of peer reports, our own business performance, as well as general and sector-specific sustainability standards. These standards include the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark Survey (GRESB), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards, and the GRI Construction and Real Estate Sector Supplement (CRESS).  Please refer to the GRI index (link to Sustainability Data webpage) to understand how elements of the GRI are covered in our various reporting mechanisms. 

Focusing our Priority Topics

We focused our topics on areas that could have a significant impact on our business and/or influence the decisions of our stakeholders, based on the perspectives of our internal teams. 

Sustainability Topics


The topics were used to inform our strategic business objectives. 

Furthermore, as part of our commitment to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), we used the topics to prioritize three SDGs where we could have the greatest impact. Through our assessment we selected: SDG 11, Sustainable Cities and Communities; SDG 12, Responsible Consumption and Production, and; SDG 13, Climate Action. For more information on our progress, refer to the Annual Review.