Community Development

We recognize the important responsibility we have to ensure our development projects and local partnerships help promote healthier and livable communities, and we contribute to social and economic progress.

Commitments and Oversight

As a responsible corporate citizen, we work collaboratively with the communities where we operate to create positive social impacts that contribute to overall well-being, quality of life and economic prosperity. Our focus is on developing strong relationships with neighbouring communities and investing in local causes that are important to our employees.


To ensure we are able to achieve our goal of being a responsible corporate citizen, we contribute to communities in three ways: through the community investments we make to diverse non-profit organizations, through the community consultations during the development of new properties, and through the direct and indirect social and economic benefits we generate in society as a result of our business.

Community Consultations on our Development Projects

We are committed to engaging with the communities impacted by our activities to ensure their perspectives are integrated into the planning, design and construction of our new developments and existing re-development projects.

Through open dialogue, our community engagements provide us with better insights into the communities where we operate, including the social and environmental issues that are important to them. We work collaboratively to address concerns and questions. Project updates are made publicly available through property websites, letters and other media. 

Socio-economic Impacts

As an employer, real estate investment advisor and development manager of our clients’ assets, we are playing an important role in contributing to the Canadian economy. As an employer, we contribute through the generation of jobs, providing wages and benefits. Furthermore, our investments in training helps develop local talent and intellectual capital. 

As a real estate investment advisor, we know that many of our clients – including pension funds and insurance companies – depend on us for their business success. The returns on our client’s investment portfolios return benefits to millions of individuals across Canada who depend on their pension and individual savings for their income.

As both a development and property manager, we also contribute to the local economy through the third parties we hire at our development sites and properties, and the payments we make to our suppliers, including consultants and tradespeople.

Community Investments

Through Great-West Life’s Stronger Communities Together policy for community investment, we are making a lasting impact by inspiring positive change in the communities where we live and work. The majority of our community investment activities take place at our offices across Canada in support of the local causes that are important to our employees. This local ownership ensures we remain flexible about how to best meet the needs of each community as well as those of each office. 

Our ongoing strategic investments in Habitat for Humanity demonstrate our commitment to support community-based real estate projects, which promotes the development of vibrant, healthy communities. We encourage our employees to volunteer their time to support the charities that are most important to them. 


On a regular basis, we review the contributions we are making to contribute to communities and support programs that provide economic and social benefits, while adding value to our business.

For more quantitative information on our performance as it relates to communities, please see our Sustainability Data Table.