Safety and Security

We are focused on instilling a strong safety culture across our business to empower all our people to feel safe and have access to preventive programs that promote health and well-being.

Commitments and Oversight

We are committed to providing our people with a safe and secure work environment. We have robust occupational, health & safety (OH&S) and security policies, procedures, and programs that anchor our approach to safety and security management and provide the tools to support our goal of zero injuries and the absolute protection of the safety of our tenants and the security of our clients’ assets.

Oversight for our OH&S performance is assigned to our corporate OH&S Steering Committee, which has representation from our joint management OH&S sub-committees.  Our Security and Life Safety Services Group is focused on ensuring the resilience of our critical infrastructure, training our people and evolving our emergency plans to address potential threats.


To promote our culture of safety and security across the organization, we have established a broad range of programs.

Occupational Health & Safety (OH&S)

We take a risk-based prevention approach to safety management and conduct ongoing assessments to proactively identify and mitigate our safety risks. Every year, we used the information to improve our risk-prevention programs, including in relation to slips and falls, electrical safety, confined spaces, working at heights and ergonomics.

To reinforce our safety preventive culture we also provide regular mandatory OH&S training to new employees and inspire all our people to be a safety leader. Safety awareness is promoted through a number of initiatives, including our new hire training, OH&S Monthly Tool Box Talks, and our Eye on Safety Program, which encourages the identification of safety concerns, corrective actions and the sharing of lessons learned.


Through our Security and Life Safety Services team, we have established property-specific and cost-efficient security solutions that focus on maintaining asset integrity, protecting building occupants and preventing business interruptions. To ensure each property adopts a property-specific security program, each property is assigned a Risk Ranking commensurate with the degree and type of risks and threats faced. The assigned ranking helps determine the type of security program best suited to protect the property and its occupants.  Through these services, we deploy best-in-class policies, processes and technologies. 

Our well-established and comprehensive building incident reporting system and emergency response plans protect life and property, and prevent or minimize personal injury and physical damage. The Emergency Management Teams at each of our properties take an “all hazards” approach to crisis and emergency management and have the capabilities to execute on our Enterprise Emergency Management plans whenever an emergency incident occurs that could threaten normal property operations and asset integrity and/or occupant safety.  Furthermore, our National Security Operations Centre – a 24/7 security fusion centre - enables us to identify, log and respond to major security incidents. 

To promote security interoperability within the community, we play an active role in strengthening collaborations with our security partners both in the public and private sectors. Our partnerships include working arrangements with the Calgary Police Service, the Ontario Association of Chiefs of Police, the Commercial Real Estate Financial District Security Group, PATHComm and the RCMP-led National Critical Infrastructure Team’s counterterrorism program. These collaborations enable us to share intelligence and best practices, conduct security and emergency preparedness exercises, and ensure effective response and business continuity planning.


To ensure the integrity of our safety and security practices, we continued to conduct ongoing reviews of our programs at various properties. For more information on our safety performance, please see our Sustainability Data Table.