Tenant Satisfaction

We ensure that high standards of service through our in-house commercial property management team and through our wholly-owned multi-residential subsidiary, Vertica Resident Services.

Commitments and Oversight

We are committed to taking a proactive, open and personalized approach with our tenants to ensure we deliver a best-in-class experience. 


To deliver exceptional service, we have developed a number of focused tenant programs, including: tenant interaction protocols, tenant engagement, and tenant satisfaction reviews.

Tenant Engagement

Understanding and anticipating tenants’ changing needs and expectations is an important part of how we deliver quality services. Both our commercial and multi-residential property managers continue to engage our tenants on topics of interest. We hold monthly tenant meetings, interact through green teams, workshops and education events, issue newsletters, and host building events to encourage tenant participation in activities, such as Earth Hour, Earth Day/Week, and National Waste Reduction Week.

We also monitor and respond to our tenants’ requests. At our commercial properties, we work collaboratively with our tenants prior to conducting capital improvement projects to minimize disruptions. Our multi-residential properties are using new technologies to re-define our processes to create an even greater tenant focus.

Tenant Satisfaction

We conduct regular portfolio-wide surveys to better understand the quality of service we provide to tenants and continuously improve our services to offer a best-in-class experience. These surveys are conducted at both our commercial portfolio and multi-residential portfolios.


Performance on our tenant programs are reviewed with our commercial and multi-residential property management teams. The survey results are tied to the performance metrics of our property management teams, which supports the high-performance culture we promote within our organization.

For more information on our tenant performance, please see our Sustainability Data Table.