Commercial Property and Leasing Contacts

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Name Primary Address City Province Postal Code Property Contact Leasing Contact
1 Adelaide Street East 1 Adelaide Street East Toronto ON M5C 2V9 Alyson Ward Devan Sloan
11th Avenue Place 214 11th Avenue SW Calgary AV T2R 0K1 Barry Marcellus Lucas Beck
10077 Grace Road 10077 Grace Road Surrey BC V3V 3V7 Fernando Tomaz Patty Willets
1090 Homer Street 1090 Homer Street Vancouver BC V6B 2W9 Nicole Hadden Patty Willets
1188 West Georgia Street 1188 West Georgia Street Vancouver BC V6E 4A2 Nicole Hadden Victoria Shibanuma
12291 Riverside Way 12291 Riverside Way Richmond BC V6W 1K8 Sabrina DePaulo Patty Willets
12315 Coleraine Drive 12315 Coleraine Drive Bolton ON L7E 3B4 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington
1350-60 Boulevard Rene Levesque 1350 Boulevard Rene Levesque Montreal QC H3G 2W2 Sylvain Bibeault Phillip Belliard
151 Yonge Street 151 Yonge Street Toronto ON M5C 2W7 Nicole Turrin Devan Sloan
155 University Avenue 155 University Avenue Toronto ON M5H 3B7 Nicole Turrin Devan Sloan
180 Queen Street 180 Queen Street Toronto ON M5V 1Z1 Brittany Richards Devan Sloan
180 Simcoe Street 180 Simcoe Street Toronto ON M5G 1R8 Brittany Richards Devan Sloan
190 Simcoe Street 190 Simcoe Street Toronto ON M5G 1R8 Brittany Richards Devan Sloan
20 Victoria Street 20 Victoria Street Toronto ON M5C 2N8 Alyson Ward Devan Sloan
200 Graham Avenue 200 Graham Avenue Winnipeg MB R3C 4L5 Dana Selig Angela Wu-Kemp
200 University Avenue 200 University Avenue Toronto ON M5H 4B8 Nicole Turrin Devan Sloan
205 Market Drive 205 Market Drive Milton ON L9T 4Z7 Angus Wilson Shannon King
2001 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa 2001 Boulevard Robert-Bourassa Montreal QC H3A 2A6

Marc-André Asselin

Phillip Belliard
2050 Derry Road 2050 Derry Road Mississauga ON L5N 0B3 Angus Wilson Patrick Henry
2100 Derry Road 2100 Derry Road Mississauga ON L5N 0B3 Angus Wilson Patrick Henry
219 Laurier Avenue 219 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa ON K1P 5J6 Tyler Lavergne Phillip Belliard
2200 Trans-Canada Highway 2200 Trans-Canada Highway Pointe-Claire QC H9R 1B1 Marc-André Asselin Phillip Belliard
2200 Yukon Court 2200 Yukon Court Milton ON L5N 2N1 Angus Wilson Shannon King
2315 rue Cohen 2315 rue Cohen Saint-Laurent QC H4R 2N7 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
255 Albert Street 255 Albert Street Ottawa ON K1P 6A9 Tyler Lavergne Phillip Belliard
269 Laurier Avenue West 269 Laurier Avenue West Ottawa ON K1P 5J9 Tyler Lavergne Phillip Belliard
270 Wilson Avenue 270 Wilson Avenue Toronto ON M3H 1S6 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
2790 Argentia Road 2790 Argentia Road Mississauga ON L5N 5V4 Angus Wilson Shannon King
2795 Argentia Road 2795 Argentia Road Mississauga ON L5N 5V4 Angus Wilson Shannon King
2815 Argentia Road 2815 Argentia Road Mississauga ON L5N 5V4 Angus Wilson Shannon King
2844 Bristol Circle 2844 Bristol Circle Oakville ON L6H 6G4 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington
325 25th Street SE 325 25th Street SE Calgary AB T2A 7H8 Wendy Aspenlieder Andrew Baird
33 Yonge Street 33 Yonge Street Toronto ON M5E 0A9 Wendy Wu Devan Sloan
3495 Steeles Avenue 3495 Steeles Avenue Brampton ON L6T5W8 Angus Wilson Shannon King
4 King Street West 4 King Street West Toronto ON M5H 1A1 Nicole Turrin Devan Sloan
4075 Industriel Boulevard 4075 Boulevard Industriel Laval QC H7L 6E3 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
4101 – 4117 Industriel Boulevard 4101-4117 Boulevard Industriel Laval QC H7L 6G9 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
4133 – 4137 Industriel Boulevard 4133-4137 Boulevard Industriel Laval QC H7L 6G9 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
415 – 419 Milner Avenue 415 – 419 Milner Avenue Scarborough ON M1B 2L1 Angus Wilson Shannon King
415 Thompson Drive 415 Thompson Drive Cambridge ON N1T 2B3 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington
4177 – 4201 Industriel Boulevard 4177 – 4201 Boulevard Industriel Laval QC H7L 6H8 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
445 Milner Avenue 445 Milner Avenue Scarborough ON M1B 2K4 Angus Wilson
Shannon King
455 Rene-Levesque Blvd West 455 Rene-Levesque Blvd West Montreal QC H2Z 1Z3 Irina Lantsova Phillip Belliard
4600 Jacombs Road 4600 Jacombs Road Richmond BC V6V 3B1 Sabrina DePaulo Peter Jenkins
4600 Poirer Boulevard 4600 Poirer Boulevard Saint-Laurent QC H4R2C5 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
465 Milner Avenue 465 Milner Avenue Scarborough ON M1B 2K4 Angus Wilson Shannon King
50 – 70 Nably Court 50 – 70 Novopharm Court Scarborough ON M1B 2K9 Angus Wilson Shannon King
5140 Yonge Street 5140 Yonge Street Toronto ON M2N 6L7 Kyle Thorn Patrick Henry
53 Avenue Business Centre 4035 53rd Avenue NW Edmonton AB T6B 3R6 Graham Hogg Angela Wu-Kemp
555 Robson Street 555 Robson Street Vancouver BC V6B 2B7 Sabrina DePaulo Peter Jenkins
5555 rue William-Price 5555 rue William-Price Laval QC H7L 6C4 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
56 Wellesley Street 56 Wellesley Street West Toronto ON M5S 23S Waleed Ahmed Devan Sloan
635 Broughton Street 635 Broughton Street Victoria BC V8W 1C7 Sabrina DePaulo Victoria Shibanuma
635 Secretariat Court 635 Secretariat Court Mississauga ON L5S 2A5 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington
6520 – 6620 Abrams Street 6520 – 6620 Abrams Street Saint-Laurent QC H4S 1Y2 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
7003-72nd Street 7003 72nd Street Delta BC V4G 0A2 Fernando Tomaz Patty Willets
7025 Langer Drive 7025 Langer Drive Mississauga ON L5N 0E8 Angus Wilson Patrick Henry
7030 Century Avenue 7030 Century Avenue Mississauga ON L5N 2V8 Victoria Leva Ian Flemington
7848 Hoskins Street 7848 Hoskins Street Delta BC V4G 1L6 Nicole Hadden Patty Willets
8131 – 8183 Wiggins Street 8131 – 8183 Wiggins Street Burnaby BC V3N 5G4 Nicole Hadden Patty Willets
8400 – 8450 Lawson Road 8400 Lawson Road Milton ON L9T 0J8 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington
85 – 89 Yonge Street 85 – 89 Yonge Street Toronto ON M5C 1S8 Alyson Ward Devan Sloan
9942 108th Street NW 9942 108th Street NW Edmonton AB T5K 1C5 Graham Hogg Angela Wu-Kemp
Argentia Business Centre 2250 – 2290 Argentia Road Mississauga ON L5N 6A5 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
Argentia Business Park 2800 – 2900 Argentia Road Mississauga ON L5N 8L2 Angus Wilson Shannon King
Bowmanville Retail Centre 2310 – 2344 Highway #2 Bowmanville ON L1C 3K7 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
Canada Life Building 330 University Avenue Toronto ON M5G 1R8 Brittany Richards Devan Sloan
Centennial Towers 200 Kent Street Ottawa ON K2P 2J8 Tyler Lavergne Phillip Belliard
Central Park Power Centre 1500 – 1575 Banks Road Kelowna BC V1X 7Y1 Sabrina DePaulo Patty Willets
Centre 61 4216 61st Avenue Calgary AB T2C 1Z5 David Middleton Nicci Fedorek
Credit Ridge Commons 9435 – 9525 Mississauga Road Brampton ON L6X 0Z8 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
Creekside Crossing 35 – 65 MacKenzie Way  Airdrie AB T4B0V7

David Middleton

Nicci Fedorek
Cresthaven Crossing 350 – 360 Cresthaven Drive; 2480 Strandherd Drive Nepean ON K2G 4R1 Tyler Lavergne

Phillip Belliard

Eastfield Distribution Centre 4792 50th Avenue SE Calgary AB T2B 3S5 David Middleton Nicci Fedorek
Erin Mills Business Park 3500 – 3800 Ridgeway Drive; 3755 – 3800 Laird Road Mississauga ON L5L 0A2 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington
Faubourg Beauport 709 – 755 rue Clemenceau, 224 Joseph-Casavant Beauport QC G1C 7X8 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
Fifth and Fifth 605 5th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2P 3H5 Barry Marcellus Lucas Beck
First & Jasper 10065 Jasper Avenue Edmonton AB T5J 3B1 Anosh El-Homeira Angela Wu-Kemp
First Canadian Centre 350 7th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2P 3N9 Lily Huynh Lucas Beck
Goreway Business Park 7925 Goreway Drive Brampton ON L6T 5S2 Angus Wilson Shannon King
Goreway Business Park West 3389 Steeles Avenue E Brampton ON L6T 5S2 Angus Wilson Shannon King
Gulf Canada Square 401 9th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2P 3C5 Stephanie Burke Andrew Baird
Halton Hills Village 361-375 Mountainview Road Georgetown ON L7G 5X3 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
Harbourside I, II, III 788 Harbourside Drive North Vancouver BC V7P 3R7 Sabrina DePaulo Victoria Shibanuma
High Plains 7 10 High Plains Trail Rockyview AB T4A 3M6 David Middleton Nicci Fedorek
High Plains 8 149 High Plains Place Rockyview AB T4A 0W7 David Middleton Nicci Fedorek
James Michael Flaherty Building 90 Elgin Street Ottawa ON K1P 5K8 Tyler Lavergne Phillip Belliard
Kenderry Admiral Business Park 6890 – 6095 Kenderry Gate Mississauga ON L5T 2N6 Angus Wilson Shannon King
Kent Corporate Centre 605 – 655 West Kent Avenue N Vancouver BC V6P 6T7 Nicole Hadden Patty Willets
King's Cross Shopping Centre 7404 King George Boulevard Surrey BC V3W 0H9 Fernando Tomaz Victoria Shibanuma
Laird Business Park 3130 – 3620 Laird Road Mississauga ON L5L 5X4 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
Longwood Station 5675 – 5801 Turner Road Nanaimo BC V9T 6L8 Fernando Tomaz Victoria Shibanuma
Marine Way Market 7200 – 7585 Market Crossing Burnaby BC V5J 0A2 Sabrina DePaulo Patty Willets
Mega Centre Beauport 205 – 207 Joseph-Casavant Avenue Beauport QC G1C7 X8 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
Merivale Market 1465 Merivale Road Ottawa ON K2E 1B1 Tyler Lavergne Phillip Belliard
Millcreek I 6665 – 6725 Millcreek Drive Mississauga ON L5N 5M4 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
Millstream Village 2401 Millstream Road Victoria BC V9B 3K8 Sabrina DePaulo Patty Willets
Milton Loblaws Centre 800 – 890 Main Street E Milton ON L9T 0J4 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
North York Centre 5 Park Home Avenue; 5140 – 5160 Yonge Street Toronto ON M2N 6L4 Kyle Thorn Patrick Henry
Northgate Village 3433 North Road Burnaby BC V3J 0A4 Sabrina DePaulo Patty Willets
One City Centre 1 City Centre Drive Mississauga ON L5B 1M2 Angus Wilson Patrick Henry
Oxbridge Place 9820 106 Street Edmonton AB T5K 2J6 Anosh El-Homeira Angela Wu-Kemp
Pacific Blue Cross 4250 Canada Way Burnaby BC V5G 4W6 Stephanie Davies Peter Jenkins
Plains 68 7850 – 7780 66th Street Calgary AB T2C 5V1 David Middleton Nicci Fedorek
Plains Midstream Plaza 607 8th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2P 0A7 Wendy Aspenlieder Nicci Fedorek
Plaza Vaudreuil 43 – 55 Cite des Jeunes Boulevard Vaudreuil – Dorion QC J7V 8C1 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor 
Purdy's Wharf 1949 – 1969 Upper Water Street Halifax NS B3J 3N2 Greg Duley Phillip Belliard
Quarry Park 140 Quarry Park Boulevard SE Calgary AB T2C 3G3 Wendy Aspenlieder Nicci Fedorek
Ridgeway Business Park 3200 – 3350 Ridgeway Drive Mississauga ON L5L 5Z9 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington
Riverside Heights 14817 108 Avenue Surrey BC V3R 1W2 Fernando Tomaz Victoria Shibanuma
Robson Court 840 Howe Street Vancouver BC V6Z 2L2 Stephanie Davies Peter Jenkins
Scarborough South Retail Centre 3132 Eglinton Avenue E Scarborough ON M1J 2H1 Angus Wilson Zoë Adey-Babinski
Shippers Supply 5219 47 Street Edmonton AB T6B 3N4 Graham Hogg Angela Wu-Kemp
Sladeview Business Park 3995 – 4200 Sladeview Crescent Mississauga ON L5L 5T1 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington
South Central Business Park 6718 – 7325 68 Avenue NW Edmonton AB T6B 3C5 Graham Hogg Angela Wu-Kemp
South Central Complex 6703 – 7051 68 Avenue Edmonton AB T6B 3C5 Graham Hogg Angela Wu-Kemp
Sterling Place 9940 106th Street Edmonton AB T5K 1C4 Graham Hogg Angela Wu-Kemp
Stock Exchange Tower 300 5th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2P 3C4 Barry Marcellus Lucas Beck
Sumas Mountain Village 2288 Whatcom Road Abbotsford BC V3G 2K8 Fernando Tomaz Victoria Shibanuma
Superior Business Park 151 Superior Boulevard Mississauga ON L5T 2X9 Angus Wilson Shannon King
The Caseware Building 1 Toronto Street Toronto ON M5C 2J0 Wendy Wu Devan Sloan
Tilbury Distribution Centre 9410 – 9464 River Road Delta BC V4G 1B5 Fernando Tomaz Patty Willets
Toronto College Park 444 Yonge Street by 21 College St Toronto ON M5B 2H4 Waleed Ahmed Devan Sloan
Vancouver Centre 650 West Georgia Street Vancouver BC V6B 4N7 Randy Felty Peter Jenkins
Vaudreuil Retail Centre 3030 – 3090 Boulevard de la Gare Vaudreuil-Dorion QC J7V 8P2 Pascal Joubert Felicia Todor
Watermark Tower 530 8th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2P 3S8 Lily Huynh Lucas Beck
Westbank Hub Centre 3550 Carrington Road West Kelowna BC V6V 2L1 Sabrina DePaulo Patty Willets
Westbank Hub North 2115 – 2170 Louie Drive West Kelowna BC V4T 3H1 Sabrina DePaulo Patty Willets
Winston Business Park 2695 Bristol Circle Oakville ON L6H 6E1 Angus Wilson Ian Flemington