Marking Milestones at our Company

At GWL Realty Advisors (GWLRA), we are committed to the development of our team members, many of whom have decided to grow with the company. 

Every fall, we gather to celebrate staff who have reached significant milestone anniversaries in their career with us. This year, we have 111 employees celebrating between 5 and 35 years with the company.

We reached out to our 15+ year service award recipients and here is what they had to say about their experience at GWLRA:

“From the very beginning it was clear you are a valued employee and they wanted you to be successful. Being afforded the many opportunities to step out of my comfort zone and do more provided me with the stimulus to keep my work interesting and educational. I have always looked forward to upgrading or simply maintaining our properties so they perform as best they can, and I have been well supported throughout the years.” – Blaine Kutyn, Operations Supervisor in Edmonton

“GWLRA and Canada Life are amazing strong companies that have provided opportunities for me to grow and develop my career in the Legal field. Right from the outset, GWLRA has treated me as family where one can build relations with people at this organization. I enjoy my role as there is always something new and challenging to do." – Chetna Lalji, Senior Manager, Legal Affairs in Vancouver

“Over my years at GWLRA I have had the opportunity to work with a diverse group of people. In each of my different roles, I have been challenged, encouraged, and supported by the wonderful people across the country. The people and culture have been what has kept me with the company. I would like to say thank you to all who have supported my career and growth.” – Bonnie Lang, Assistant Manager, Portfolio Reporting in Winnipeg

“GWLRA gave me an opportunity to grow and develop my career. The management team has been supportive ever since I joined the company. I am grateful to work with wonderful people and a company that has a great culture.”  – Juanito Mercado, Operations Supervisor in Calgary

“What I have always loved about GWLRA is that we have a strong and thoughtful corporate structure with supports in place to assist the property teams operate effectively and efficiently, but enough flexibility and regional autonomy to imagine and enact creative ways in how we carry out aspects of our day-to-day service delivery. I thrive in a work environment where we are all encouraged and given the space to cultivate and grow in all aspects of our work and personal life and GWLRA has absolutely provided this space for me. I call work my happy place!” – Laura Newcombe, Senior Director, Property Management in Calgary

“My leaders – past and present – have made a significant impact on my career and who I am as a person. They helped me build my leadership skillset and develop my business acumen, supported me through challenging decisions and events, and gave me opportunities to work on significant transactions and projects throughout my career. I am fortunate to work with extraordinary individuals who readily share their knowledge and friendship. Because of these experiences, I endeavour to “pay it forward” to others in the organization. This is why I am still with GWLRA 25 years later.” – Jennifer O’Carroll, Senior Director, Regional Finance in Calgary

“GWLRA has been a family to me. Over the 15 years (and still counting…) that I have worked with the company, have learned the value of building relationships with my co-workers, my managers, and staff in the different departments I’ve worked with (wherever they may be - Winnipeg, London, Toronto) have always been so supportive and willing to help. My working experience has instilled in me the importance of dedication, teamwork, and a good work ethic – which I always will be proud of.”  – Emma Rodriguez, Senior Property Administrator in Mississauga

“My former boss and mentor told me it’s never been this busy BUT 15 years later, it’s never slowed down. The buzz, energy and daily challenge keeps work exciting. Watching the team grow and succeed together brings me great joy, it’s the real gift. Thanks to GWLRA, I’ve had many opportunities, wins and losses. This company provides the runway, what you do with it is up to you!” – Adam Schneiderman, Senior Vice President, Development in Toronto

We are incredibly proud to have such committed and talented individuals as part of our team. Congratulations to all our award recipients!

GWL Realty Advisors

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