Celebrating Staff Achievements

At GWL Realty Advisors (GWLRA), we’re committed to continuously evaluating and evolving staff programming. Every two years, we conduct a company-wide employee engagement survey to understand what we’re doing well and what we can improve upon.

Throughout the years, members of our leadership team, in collaboration with staff across departments and geography, have taken the lead on creating new programs based on employee feedback. These programs have touched many different facets of employee engagement including career development, people leader support, and recognition.

Creating a Culture of Recognition

Over the last two years, GWLRA has been focused on showing appreciation to our staff. In addition to our teams telling us that it was important to them in our last engagement survey, our own research showed  that recognition helps to improve the employee experience, increase retention and motivation, and boost happiness.  

Employee recognition isn’t a one size fits all, and after conducting our own surveys and focus groups, we realized that simply introducing one new recognition program wouldn’t be sufficient.

We know that leaders have a significant impact on the employee experience, and that’s why we provided our people leaders with a toolkit with information on how to recognize their teams. This is just one of the new changes we’ve made to make recognition a top priority within our company. 

Awards Programs

In 2021, we launched two new awards programs to recognize high performing staff and teams: the President’s Award and the Team Award. The awards were created to celebrate employees who have made significant contributions to the company.

All individual nominations are scored by our Executive Committee and the winners are decided upon by the group. Our winners have shown themselves to be exceptional in every sense, by implementing new programs, providing exceptional service, or helping to elevate the GWLRA brand in their communities.

We recently crowned our 2022 winners.

2022 Winners

2021 Winners

Alice Cheung

Keith Baniuk

Lori Dunlop

Abcar Ohanessian

Jody Gribble

Nuno Topa

Zain Syed

Sonja Touesnard

Angela Thomaidis

Anthio Yuen

Residential Capital (Team)

Business Excellence & Innovation (Team)

“Over the last two awards cycles, I’ve had the joy and honour of selecting our winners in collaboration with the entire Executive Committee,” said Maureen Carey, Vice President, Human Resources. “I truly appreciate and look forward to the process of reading through each individual nomination and recognizing the important work that’s being done at all levels within the company.”

In addition to the two new awards programs, we also have an Above & Beyond program that celebrates 20 team members each year for going above the call of duty in their roles. We also have a Service Awards program that recognizes team members who are marking significant anniversaries with the company.

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